​​​​Todd Capistrant

Todd Capistrant, D.O.

Past President

Todd Capistrant, D.O., originally hails from Minnesota. He is a graduate of Des Moines University and U of MN Bethesda Family Practice Residency. After residency he joined a busy practice in western Wisconsin. He moved his family to Alaska to pursue his passion for dog sled racing and the beauty of Alaska. He and his family have competed in and completed the famous Iditarod Sled Dog Race and they still have a team of sled dogs. His daughters have taken over the role of racing the dogs. Now that Todd is spending less time racing dogs he has embraced teaching and spreading the FDM. He works as a member of department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Tanana Valley Clinic/ Banner Health in Fairbanks, Alaska. His practice has grown rapidly over the past years in large part due to the power of incorporating the FDM in to his Osteopathic practice. He feels the FDM provides a valuable perspective through which all of Osteopathic Medicine can be explained. He is particularly excited about the freshness that the FDM brings to his practice of medicine, enabling him to treat injuries that had previously not been possible. In the spring of 2011 he was honored with the “Rising Star” award by the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation. Dr. Capistrant is a certified FDM instructor and is very interested in teaching the FDM to change the way musculoskeletal injuries are treated in modern medicine.

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